Cedarnet equips a Helios SIP 550 with Sipsi for the first time, for its customer SAUTOOL in Italy.

Here is a testimonial from Alessandro Pozzi, Quality Manager of the Metrology Department at SAUTOOL:

“We discovered Cedarnet when we were looking for a solution to upgrade our Helios SIP 550. The installation of SIPSI on our bench was carried out with great professionalism, speed and transparency. What’s more, Mr. Youssef demonstrated great technical expertise, adaptability and politeness during his stay, bringing our SIP bench back to life after months of disuse (something we originally thought was far from possible). The machine also retained its original accuracy and stability, demonstrating the technical validity of the SIPSI solution.

Overall, our experience with Cedarnet has been extremely positive! We will be sure to recommend it to our staff.”