Cedarnet is not only technical expertise. It is also a fresh look at your project, a vision of the system as a whole, a consideration of the technical and economic requirements while searching for an optimal solution… it is above all a true relationship of trust between you and us.


“Designing and integrating analog, digital, RF and power electronics to produce high-performance, reliable and competitive industrial products. We are able to realize your innovative projects in compliance with your requirements and economic and regulatory constraints”

Computer science

“Softwares, mobile applications, databases, servers, web applications and webservices… we develop global solutions adapted to your uses and environments”

Embedded systems

“A reputed know-how to integrate intelligence, critical real time and connectivity within your devices and machines, in a methodical, rigorous and agile approach”

Signal processing

“From the sensor and its conditioning to the analog and digital processing of the signal, our expertise will provide you with the most accurate and relevant answer”


“For 20 years we have been working to master and integrate new communication technologies in their diversity in the most optimized and secure way”


“From the mechanical integration of your electronic product to engine sizing, we can give shape to your project”

And also…

“Support, strategy, monitoring, compliance with regulations and standards, competitive advantages, technical support, communication… that’s what we’re also here for!”