Cedarnet’s expertise in your projects

Cedarnet has always put its product development expertise at the service of companies of various sizes and ecosystems. The team’s passion for technology, collaborative spirit and business involvement allows us to bring each project to success.

This page displays a representative but not exhaustive sample of the variety of the fields in which  Cedarnet has already been involved.

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Cathodic protection device

  • High efficiency (98%) parallelisable 1KW power electronics
  • Graphical User Interface on a capacitive touchscreen
  • Digital and modular control through CAN bus (CANOPEN)
  • More information on http://www.jacquet-dechaume.fr



  • Automation of drilling rigs and soil investigation machines
  • Connectivity between the machines
  • Global software solution : embedded, tablet control interface, communication platform, database and PC software
  • More information on http://www.apageo.com


Lifting machinery for the stage

  • Automation of a counterbalanced lifting device for stage use
  • Dedicated electronics integrating the secure control of a 3kW motor
  • Graphical User interface on Android
  • More information on https://www.easyrope.fr


 Remote monitoring of cathodic protection

  • Optimised electronics for measuring voltages and currents in a harsh environment
  • Secure multi-protocol connectivity (LTE/4G, WIZE, LORA)
  • Very low power consumption for an autonomy >5 years
  • More information on http://www.jacquet-dechaume.fr


Distribution of fuel products

  • On-board calculator on tankers
  • Communication interfaces with on-board equipments (volucompteur, on-board
    computer, tachograph, rear view camera)
  • Centralization of data on a dedicated communication platform


Open-source echo-stethoscope

  • Control electronics for the components of the device
  • Optimizing the device in light of the medical, integration and cost constraints
  • Supporting a collaborative and innovative project


On-board smart sensor

  • Electronics integrating 3-axis MEMS sensors and a 6-axis IMU for vibration,
    shock and motion analysis
  • Ultra compact and robust mechanical design for critical environments use
  • Dedicated API for signal processing and neural networks for predictive maintenance


Modular electronic platform

  • Generic, modular, low-cost electronics with digital and analog I/O and solid state relays
  • Complete value chain covering on-board processing, piloting, data transmission on server or in the cloud
  • Rich connectivity possibilities: WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet, CANBUS, RS232


Upgrade of measuring benches

  • Stable and long-lasting engine control and measurement electronics
  • Dynamic correction algorithm improving the original performances of the benches
  • Intuitive and ergonomic software for measurement safety and productivity gains
  • More information on https://siplinearmeasurementbench.com


Cedarnet invests in every project

Throughout the year, Cedarnet invests time in R&D to offer its customers the best possible technical and economical solutions. Each project benefits from the technological building blocks developed by Cedarnet and the expertise of a multidisciplinary team aware of the latest technological innovations.

With Cedarnet, projects go further. Above all, they go towards your satisfaction.

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Means choosing added value

Whether we intervene on all or part of the project, at the proof of concept or industrialization stage, on the hardware or software part, at Cedarnet we guarantee you :

  • Our total involvement in the understanding of your business in order to  integrate your constraints in the best way possible in the proposed solutions,
  • An overall vision and a global technical offer with a multi-disciplinary and close-knit team that collaborates on a daily basis to optimize the solution,
  • A long-term collaboration with a logic of complementarity
  • An optimised technical-economic offer built on our experience and on our standard products enriched with specific developments to meet your needs.

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