From prototyping to industrialization, from expertise to overall vision, from feasibility to production, Cedarnet assists you designing innovative solutions to meet your needs.


  • Requirements analysis: context, functionalities, constraints, environment, risk analysis, technical-economic requirements, normative and regulatory specifications
  • Specifications drafting assistance
  • Functional analysis, architecture definitions, technological choices
  • Feasibility Study and Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Innovative projects / R&D: help in finding funding, regulations and intellectual property protection


  • An agile approach based on V-cycle for an exhaustive consideration and validation of the requirements matrix
  • Analysis and understanding of the specificities of your business and the context of the project to better meet your needs
  • Actuators and mechanical parts dimensioning
  • Electronic boards design (analog, digital, RF, power electronics, optronics, …)
  • Software development (embedded solutions, mobile, PC, servers, web, webservices, …)


  • Mechanical, electronic and software integration, optimisation of space requirements, heat dissipation, autonomy, …
  • Value analysis, cost and production process optimization
  • Risk analysis, operational safety, FMECA, reliability calculations
  • Realization of test benches and traceability at the end of production, for diagnosis and maintenance
  • Implementation of simplified processes and automated tools for deployment, administration and remote maintenance


  • Our multidisciplinary and experienced team working with industrial partners will assist you on the different stages of your products life cycle (production, integration, programming, out-of-production-line testing, deployment, support, recycling…)
  • Providing prototypes, pre-productions and deployment of global solutions
  • Availability of dedicated server platforms administered by our engineers for SaaS
  • User training, technical support available during POC design, deployment phase and before and after sale
“By putting our expertise at your service, we share with you the entrepreneurial spirit with the sole objective of succeeding together.”

Walid Youssef, CEO